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Watermate Garden Pump The powerful Watermate garden pump is now even better value at the new price of just £85 which includes delivery to the UK mainland.Read More
A keen gardener will always appreciate a gift for their garden, we have put together a selection of gift ideas that may be perfect for the gardener you know.Read More
The essential guide to mowing and caring for your lawn.Read More
Hanging basket containing flowers We can understand why people buy hanging baskets from garden centres at Watermate, it’s simpler and it gives your garden an instant ‘hit’ of colour. However, if more people took the time to make their own hanging baskets they’d discover what a fun and satisfying process this is. Creating hanging baskets for your garden is relatively easy, all you need are the bare essentials and little determination to see the job through to the end. Here’s what to do.Read More
If your garden is anything like our garden at Watermate it’ll be looking a little forlorn right now. We can’t wait for the first signs of spring when the garden starts to ‘come alive’ and we’ve been busy making simply preparation for that very moment. Have a go at these simple task as winter draws to a close, get your garden ready for warmer, brighter weather.Read More
Tired looking tomatoes are the last thing you want to return to when you have been topping up your tan so why not use the dripmaster watering system this year? It’ll keep your plants healthy and happy when you are lazing about on the beach and the only thing you’ll have to worry about when you get home is how to stop your skin from peeling. Leave the dripmaster in charge, stop plants from getting a raging thirst.Read More
tomatos Find out how easy and convenient greenhouse irrigation systems are. Read on to see how automatic watering could benefit you and the environmentRead More
It is easy to care for your clematis through the winter when you follow these simple steps.Read More
Hanging Basket Watering With all the warm weather we are experiencing this autumn continue to water your plants!Read More
Plants will be stressed out very quickly in this extremely hot weather so act now before it's too late. Read More
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