Find a water timer suitable for your watering system.

These automatic water timers give you total control over your irrigation system. Fitting a water clock to your outside tap is easy and quick giving you total control when you are busy or away on holidays.

Our electronic water timers offer ideal water management, allowing you to easily control the duration and frequency of watering. Installing a water timer will increase the efficiency of your watering system producing healthier plants and saving water at the same time.

Preserve your precious rainwater by fitting the specially designed gravity water timer to your water butt and stored rainwater system, it is fully compatible with our Soft Rain gravity watering systems and together they will provide maximum efficiency.

We provide comprehensive instructions with all our timers and controllers and offer a full support service.


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Water Timer

Gravity Electronic Water Timer

Orbit Timer

 Orbit  Buddy Digital Timer

Orbit Tap Timer

Orbit Multi Zone Controller

Darlac Water Timer

Darlac Electronic Water Timer

Orbit Valve

 Orbit Solenoid Valve


 Gravity Timer + Adaptors

Microbore Manifold

Microbore Irrigation Manifold

Brass Y

Brass Y

Timer adaptors

Timer Adaptore for Gravity Flow

Two Way Tap Manifold

Two Way Tap Manifold

Garden Tap Adaptor

Tap Manifold 4 Way Brass

Tap Manifold 4 Way

4 Way Tap Manifold

Pressure Reducer

Pressure Reducer

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