Water Butt Watering

Rainwater Irrigation
Growbag Spike

Greenhouse Irrigation from your water butt


  • Waters 10 plants from your water butt
  • Can be expanded to over 20 plants
  • Adjustable jets for complete control
  • No more heavy watering cans to carry
  • Feed your plants by diluting a liquid feed into the butt
  • Add a timer for greater control See Special Offers Here!


The Water Butt Gravity Watering Pack Contains:- 10m x 13mm Supply Hose, 10m x Microbore Hose, 10 Adjustable watering dribblers, 1 x Key/Punch, 1 x Tee 13mm, 2 x Elbows 13mm, 2 x End Stops 13mm, 1 x Click Connection.


Rainwater irrigation just by using the pressure of water in your water butt, our Gravity-Flow kit allows you to water an astonishing number of pots or grow bags, rainwater Irrigation gives you all the benefits of rainwater  without the need for mains electric.  The only requirement is that your water butt tap is higher than the plants you wish to water.  Most water butts now come with a stand or can be easily raised, so drip watering pots in a greenhouse is as easy as opening the tap and watching the water flow through!


Don’t leave home worried whether your plants will survive - simply add our electronic water timer to your ‘Gravity-Flow’ rainwater irrigation system for complete peace of mind. To make your system fully automatic simply order an electronic water timer with the ‘Gravity-Flow’ Timer Adaptors see special offers now!


If you wish to water more than 10 plants, simply add one 360° jet with spike for every extra plant order extra  spikes now.


Another great benefit of the Gravity-Flow drip irrigation system is that you only need to dilute a liquid  feed into the water butt and you have saved yourself another job!  The plants will be fed by the system at the same time is they are watered.


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