Rainwater Irrigation

Make the most of your rainwater and save money with the simple, effective water butt irrigation systems.

Choose from a wide selection of easy-to-install rainwater irrigation systems that are capable of watering plants directly from your water butt. We supply Gravity rainwater irrigation systems for Greenhouses, Polytunnels, raised beds, house plants, pot plants, vegetables and grow bags.

we have battery operated water timers that attach direct to your water butt giving you complete control, ideal for allotments, greenhouses and polytunnels.

Our rainwater irrigation systems come with easy to follow instructions for quick set up, and we offer a full support service for all our products.

Design the perfect garden watering system. Take a look at our Watering Planner and follow the steps and helpful installation tips in our step by step guide.

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Rainwater Irrigation

Gravity watering from your water butt.


Soaker Dripline from your water butt


Water Butt Drip Watering 


Water Butt Dripline System LARGE


Soft Rain Soaker Dripline from your water butt


 Gravity Timer + Adaptors

Water Timer

Gravity Electronic Water Timer


Timer Adaptore for Gravity Flow

Water Butt Tap

Water Butt Tap Threaded

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