Plant Protection

NEW - Figo the flexible garden frame connector.

The very latest design in plants support and plant protection.

 Figo flexible connectors gives you the opportunity to build virtually any support structure or frame and provide maximum protection and support for your plants. Figo is the quickest, easiest and most versatile system for building garden structures - including plant protection supports, fruit cages, cold frames, cloches and plant supports, in fact anything you can imagine See Gallery.

Figo has outstanding heat and weather resistance properties and can be used over and over again. the flexible arms can accommodate canes or poles ranging 8mm to 16mm in diameter.

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Figo 3 Arm

Figo 3 Arm Connectors

£8.50 - £23.00
Figo 4 Arm

Figo 4 Arm Connectors

£5.50 - £15.50
Figo Fitting

Figo Connectors Combined

£14.00 - £39.50
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