Overcome The Hose Pipe Ban With These Great Options 

We have approved these watering systems inline with current legislation.


Under the current hose pipe ban you are allowed to use some watering systems provided you follow a few basic rules:-

  • Use a timer on your tap to control the frequency and duration of watering
  • Use a pressure reducer to prevent hoses from coming apart and wasting water
  • Use a drip or trickle irrigation system directly onto the surface of the soil
  • Prevent surface run off by watering for short periods more frequently
  • Prevent a crust forming around the plant loosen the soil to allow water down to the roots
  • Do not use spray or mist jets the water will be dispersed into the air and wasted

Following these guidelies will help conserve water and keep your plants flourishing.

 The following watering systems qualify under most water authority exemptions, however please check with your own local water authority before using, their websites are very helpful.

 For further help and advice please contact us click here now.

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Soaker Dripline + Timer + Reducer

Was: £75.00
Now: £65.00
Greenhouse Watering

Greenhouse watering under hose pipe ban

Basket Watering

Basket & Pots + Timer + Reducer

Drip Line

Flat Weeping Hose + Timer

Pressure Reducer

Electronic Timer + Pressure Reducer

Pressure Reducer

Pressure Reducer

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