Garden sprinklers to efficiently water your lawns, borders and vegetables.

Watering a new lawn is vital if you are to avoid any lasting damage, using a garden sprinkler immediately will ensure your lawn becomes established quickly. A garden sprinkler should be used during any dry periods during the summer to maintain a constant level of moisture for your lawn to flourish.

A garden sprinkler delivers a gently rain drop like spray to naturally maintain a good level of moisture in the soil ensuring your plants to grow to their full potential. With regular watering you will be rewarded with a beautiful display of flowers and great quantities of quality fruit and vegetables.

Attaching a timer to your garden sprinkler will give you complete control allowing you set the frequency and duration of watering and ensure that no water is wasted by over watering.

Select the ideal sprinkler for your garden take a look at the videos now.

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Impuls Sprinkler

Tripod Impulse Sprinkler

Spinner on Spike

Spinner on Telescopic Spike

Spinner on Wheels

Water Spinner On Wheels

Lawn Sprinkler

Impuls Sprinkler On Spike

Sprinkler on Wheels

Sprinkler On Wheels

3 Arm Lawn Sprinkler

 3 Arm Sprinkler On Spike

Lawn Sprinkler

Rain Tractor

Telescopic Riser

Telescopic Riser

Two Way Spike

Two Way Spike

Adjustable Tripod

Adjustable Tripod

Impulse Sprinkler Head

Impulse Sprinkler Head

Water spinner

Water Spinner Head

3-Arm Sprinkler Head

3- Arm Sprinkler Head

Hose Hanger

Hose Hanger

£4.50 - £15.00
Hose and Cable Tidy

Hose and Cable Tidy

£2.95 - £16.00
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