Garden pumps and filters

A range of garden pumps and filters for garden irrigation.

 A Watermate garden pump will give you all the performance and reliabilty you need to utilise all your stored rainwater throughout your home and garden.

A garden pump will make moving water around your garden quick, easy and efficient. Use your stored rainwater efficiently to water your plants or wash the car, take water from your well or under ground storage system.

The Watermate garden pump is perfect for a garden sprinkler when mains water pressure is too low. When you  attach a timer you can water your greenhouse or hanging baskets and pots, the versatility of a garden pump will help your garden grow.

We provide full instructions for our garden pumps and offer a comprehensive support service.

Step by Step Watering Planner click here.

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Garden Pump

 Garden Steel Pump

Garden Pump Filter

Watermate Pump Filter


 Anti Siphon -  Watermate


Reducing Nipple 1" x 3/4"


 Yellow Flow Tube

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