Dripmaster watering system - WaterMate

Dripmaster’s collapsible container stores 15 litres of water to keep your plants fully watered whilst you’re away on holiday or simply too busy.  With 6 drippers it’s ideal for use in pots, grow bags, in the greenhouse or for house plants.  Each dripper is adjustable for maximum control over your watering.

The Dripmaster will last approximately 7 days with 6 thirsty plants like tomatoes, and longer for house plants. Adding the expansion tank will double your watering time to last for around 14 days.

If you’d like to leave your plants for longer, simply add on a Dripmaster expansion tank, doubling your storage and watering time!


Dripmaster tee and stake

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Complete Kit  Dripmaster Kits Expansion Tank    Dripmaster Expansion Tank for house plants



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