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Drip Irrigation

Soaker Dripline System

Greenhouse Watering

Greenhouse Watering System


Allotment Soaker Dripline 100


Garden Watering Systems Designed For Your Garden

Mastermind Products

specialise in garden irrigation

using rainwater at every opportunity. Rainwater is better for the environment and the plants in your garden. Irrigation using rainwater is easy to install and an affordable alternative. Our expertise in garden watering systems will help you design the perfect garden irrigation system. Compatible with nearly all garden watering products available today Watermate and Soft Rain garden watering systems will be all you require to water your garden.


Garden Irrigation Starter Packs 

We have developed easy to use rainwater starter packs in the Watermate range designed for the standard greenhouse or average garden watering requirements, it may be all you need but it will also allow you to expand if you have a larger garden. watering will become a chore of the past and with the automatic timer your garden irrigation system will water when you are on holidays or just to busy.

Garden Irrigation From Your Mains Water Tap

It is more efficient and uses less water when you install a garden watering system from your mains water tap. The Soft Rain range of garden watering products delivers the water where it is needed and when it is required. Garden irrigation is easy to install and can be expanded to water even the biggest garden, watering will become a thing of the past. You can start saving water immediately once you have installed a garden irrigation system.

Tailor Made Garden Irrigation

We can customise a garden watering system just for you please send us a plan of your garden. Irrigation systems are very flexible and can be designed to water any situation. Our friendly experts will work with you to design a practical and easy to install garden watering system and provide comprehensive back up to ensure your garden will be easy to water and improve the quality of your plant displays. Contact us today and you will soon experience the benefits of garden irrigation.


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